DCKAP Rebrands its Professional Services as Klizer to Focus on Driving Ecommerce Growth for B2B Distributors

AUSTIN, Texas, Aug. 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — DCKAP, a B2B technology company that shapes online shopping experiences for distributors, has launched Klizer, a new brand dedicated to providing specialized ecommerce services. This milestone follows DCKAP’s strategic focus on developing technology products that simplify commerce for distributors a year ago.

Founded in 2005, DCKAP has since been at the forefront of transforming ecommerce experiences for distributors through its dedicated team of experts. With the rebranding to Klizer, the ecommerce services division is operating under its own unique identity.

This new Klizer branding enables its professional services team to operate independently, better serving clients and expanding services.

Klizer Ecommerce
Klizer’s mission is to drive growth and profitability, by providing businesses with reliable ecommerce services that enhance their online presence and boost revenue.

The company helps clients create opportunities for commerce success. Klizer provides innovative—and comprehensive—ecommerce solutions tailored to each client’s unique needs, challenges and industry. 

Klizer offers a wide range of ecommerce services, including development and design services for BigCommerce, Shopify, and Adobe Commerce, ADA compliance, mobile development services and many more.

  • New Website Implementation: Delivering visually stunning and user-friendly websites, tailored to clients’ specific requirements.
  • Seamless Platform Migration: Ensuring smooth upgrades from custom-built ecommerce platforms to modern, scalable SaaS solutions, enhancing efficiency and scalability.
  • Optimizing Performance with Re-platforming: Migrating clients to new platforms, maximizing performance and customer experience.
  • Support and Maintenance: In-house developers provide ongoing support and maintenance, ensuring seamless operations and sustained growth.
  • Providing Market Presence: Marketing services including SEO strategies and digital marketing campaigns, that empower B2B distributors to reach their target audience and expand their market presence.
  • Flexibility with Headless Commerce: Utilizing modern technologies, providing unmatched flexibility and customization for enhanced online shopping experiences.
  • Ensuring Glitch-free Experiences: Ecommerce quality assurance (QA) services that employ rigorous measures, delivering glitch-free and optimized ecommerce experiences.
  • ADA Compliance: Making websites accessible to more users.
  • Enhanced Customer Engagement with Mobile Apps: Offering engaging and feature-rich mobile apps, driving increased customer engagement and sales.

Klizer is committed to being a strategic partner for B2B businesses seeking success in the digital marketplace. As part of its continuous improvement and innovation, Klizer plans to expand its services to meet evolving client needs. Its team is dedicated to ongoing learning, with plans to introduce more service offerings in the near future.

DCKAP will continue to offer distributor-specific products, such as DCKAP Integrator and DCKAP PIM, addressing unique industry needs and challenges. Despite operating under distinct brand identities, DCKAP and Klizer remain united in their ambition to simplify commerce and drive growth.

With DCKAP’s focus on product development and Klizer’s commitment to delivering exceptional ecommerce services, clients can look forward to a dynamic partnership that addresses their commerce and digital business needs.

For more information about Klizer and its comprehensive ecommerce services, visit www.Klizer.com.

About Klizer:
Klizer is a specialized ecommerce services brand with 18+ years of experience under the DCKAP umbrella, dedicated to empowering B2B businesses through customized solutions. With a team of experienced professionals, Klizer offers a comprehensive suite of ecommerce services, driving growth and delivering seamless online shopping experiences for distributors.

About DCKAP:
DCKAP, founded in 2005, is a forward-thinking technology company committed to simplifying commerce for distributors. With a rich history in the ecommerce domain, DCKAP offers a range of products designed to address the unique challenges of B2B distributors and foster growth in the digital age.

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Sonia Coleman