Dance2Fit’s Unique Approach to Fitness

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., May 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Most fitness solutions start and end at the gym. Even when they’re tailored for the homefront, they often include repetitive activities, like a stationary bike or a treadmill. Dance2Fit is looking to shake up the fitness formula by providing a positive, energetic, and effective workout in a flexible schedule and via remote-friendly delivery. This convenient solution has enabled the brand to gain a large following in a very short period of time.

Dance2Fit is a unique workout solution created in 2018 by founder Jessica Bass James. The popular program combines aerobic dancing and fitness activities into one fast-moving, fluid routine. The company promises to “help you get your desired results by its aerobic dancing mixed with fitness.” It does this by integrating various kinds of hip-hop music into what it describes as “an aggressive but rewarding full body workout.”

There’s no doubt that Dance2Fit excels at delivering results for its members. However, it’s more than effective exercise that has launched the brand into prominence in the short time that it’s been in existence. Dance2Fit’s larger goal is to offer “a way to jumpstart a healthy lifestyle while learning and dancing in a positive environment.”

In other words, the workout solution isn’t just a series of repetitive videos. It consists of live stream and in-person classes that are supercharged with a synergistic energy you can only find when you’re working out and dancing at the same time. Reviews on the company’s website speak to this phenomenon, stating that “there is never a dull moment when doing Dance Fitness with Jessica” and “Jessica makes you get so into the videos you forget it is a workout.”

Members have a variety of shared goals, including losing weight, getting in shape, gaining muscle, and even simply improving their overall lifestyle. While different needs bring everyone together, though, the two factors that all Dance2Fit fans have in common is the need for a workout program that accepts them as they are and that jives with their hectic schedules.

It’s a desire that resonates with Jessica Bass James, who launched the company as a 24-year-old mother of three who couldn’t find the time in her life for a traditional workout routine. Dance2Fit’s unique approach to fitness emphasizes both adaptability and positivity. It doesn’t obsess over results but rather focuses on inclusion and encouragement. It also provides its services online via live-stream sessions, which have proven immensely popular both before and during the pandemic.

With the coronavirus crisis receding into the rearview mirror, the Dance2Fit brand seems poised for further growth as it continues to champion its message to “inspire and motivate people to make positive changes in their lives.” As its membership expands, local in-person classes resume, and Jessica Bass James’s workout supplement line continues to gain traction, the sky appears to be the limit for the popular young workout brand that has taken the online fitness world by storm.

About Dance2Fit: Dance2Fit was launched by Jessica Bass James in 2018. The Knoxville-based brand offers a variety of workout and fitness solutions with a focus on flexibility and positivity.

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