CrossFit Launches Advanced Healthcare Service Delivered by CrossFit-Trained Doctors

BOULDER, Colo., Oct. 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — CrossFit, the world’s largest fitness community, today announced the launch of CrossFit Precision Care, a new primary care service developed by Dr. Julie Foucher and other CrossFit-trained doctors that provides an individualized, proactive, and data-driven approach to lifelong health.

Doctors and health coaches from CrossFit Precision Care use precise genomic profiles, advanced labs, and biomarkers to help each person build a plan to protect and improve their health. The result is a fully personalized and comprehensive health optimization plan, covering diet, sleep, exercise, chronic disease risk, and other areas. 

"You deserve healthcare as effective as your CrossFit training. CrossFit Precision Care delivers measurable repeatable results and is the perfect complement to your CrossFit training," CrossFit CEO Eric Roza said. "CrossFit Precision Care offers a better model, in which each patient is treated as a unique human and participates in the development of a tailored plan to meet their health and fitness goals with doctors who also believe that CrossFit is central to health."

Among the central benefits of CrossFit Precision Care:

  • CrossFit-trained doctors who understand the foundations of good health.
  • Individualized care based on precise genomic and biomarker testing to address each person’s specific risks and needs. 
  • Data-driven recommendations that keep pace with current scientific research and best practices.  
  • Proactive lifestyle changes to keep people healthier before there’s a problem, not just pills and procedures after something happens.
  • Continual health optimization through ongoing and measurable improvement — like CrossFit — all tracked on an interactive dashboard for patients. 

CrossFit Precision Care has been developed in partnership with Wild Health, a provider of precision healthcare services via telemedicine, and Dr. Julie Foucher, MD, a former CrossFit Games athlete who specializes in family medicine. Wild Health patients have experienced dramatic improvements in key biomarkers, seeing — on average — a 52% decrease in inflammation, 15% increase in heart-rate variability, and 22% reduction in bad cholesterol.

"People shouldn’t be treated like they’re statistics in a ‘one size fits all’ model," said Dr. Matt Dawson, MD, CEO of Wild Health, and co-founder of CrossFit Precision Care. "We’re all unique, with different genes, lifestyles, and dreams. We should be treated as such, and CrossFit Precision Care’s genomics-based approach does just that to truly maximize human potential."

In a recent survey, members of the CrossFit community said their top priority in selecting a healthcare provider is finding someone who understands their unique body and health needs, as CrossFit Precision Care is designed to do.

Each person’s individual health optimization plan for CrossFit Precision Care is developed through a comprehensive data-driven analysis that may include: 

  1. Genomic testing to determine a person’s genetic advantages, disadvantages, and predispositions, so the results can be used to optimize their health.
  2. Blood testing to evaluate lipids, thyroid function, cardiovascular risks, hormone status, minerals, vitamins, and any other factors affecting health and performance.
  3. Longevity analysis to gauge a person’s biologic age through a DNA methylation test kit that is combined with genomic and blood test results.
  4. Lifestyle review that encompasses exercise routines, eating habits, family and social life, sleep patterns, hobbies, recreational activities, and goals.

CrossFit Precision Care combines those inputs to help each person determine their ideal diet, exercise regimen, supplements, sleep routine, and other lifestyle factors to help improve their health and mitigate risk factors for chronic disease.

"Combining our cutting-edge precision medicine approach with the transformational training taking place in CrossFit affiliates will allow us to redefine primary care," said Foucher, co-founder of CrossFit Precision Care. "Instead of leaving patients to their own devices and waiting to detect disease after it’s happened, we’ll welcome them into a supportive community and empower them to optimize their health in a data-driven way." 

Interested individuals can sign up for the CrossFit Precision Care waitlist at CrossFit Precision Care will be available to more than 50% of U.S. residents at launch before expanding to the rest of the country in 2022. 

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