Coulomb Solutions Inc. (CSI) Announces New Lithium Battery-Pack Price reductions for Commercial EVs

LIVERMORE, Calif., June 18, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Coulomb Solutions Inc. (CSI), announced today new, even greater price reductions on its highly dependable CATL battery packs effective immediately, for customers placing large volume orders.  CSI is again passing on lower battery prices due to lithium cost reductions enabled by its volume purchasing power and locked in costs for the remainder of 2024. 

The CSI battery packs come in a wide range of off-the-shelf configurations allowing for them to be used in commercial vehicles and battery energy storage system (BESS) applications. CSI has a highly capable team of engineers and integration experts to help customers match their energy and voltage requirements and configure the world’s most reliable battery systems for customer applications from 22 kWh up to 3.5 MWh.  CSI also offers a complete suite of best-in-class accessory components and plug-and-play software to make for seamless integration into end-user platforms.

“We are very excited to offer US commercial vehicle and BESS customers additional pricing discounts to help our OEM customers meet TCO goals,” said David Mazaika – CEO of Coulomb Solutions Inc. “For customers placing larger orders between now and the end of the year, the savings can be in the millions of dollars.  Once again, CSI strives to accelerate commercial vehicle electrification by offering our customers the world’s most innovative and reliable products in the industry at wholesale prices.”

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About Coulomb Solutions Inc. (CSI)

CSI is the market leading provider of high quality, battery systems and electrification components to the North American commercial electric vehicle transportation market at wholesale prices.  CSI’s complete suite of exceptionally reliable accessory components for commercial electric vehicles includes battery thermal management systems, electric air conditioning compressors, cab heaters, steering pumps, air compressors for braking, accessory inverters and onboard AC and fast DC Chargers. The company’s goal is to enable rapid adoption of electric propulsion systems in commercial electric vehicle applications.

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