CHA Releases 2023 Sustainability Report

Achieving Carbon Reduction Goal Two Years Early and Earning High Marks from CDP

ALBANY, N.Y., June 24, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — CHA Consulting, Inc. (CHA) has released its 2023 Sustainability Report documenting ambitious goals and significant achievements, including carbon reduction, impactful projects, meaningful community outreach, greener operations, a stronger highly-trained workforce, and high scores on an important industry sustainability ranking. Standing out among the firm’s many successes in 2023 is the achievement of its carbon reduction goal – to reduce its carbon dioxide (CO2) equivalent per employee 20% by 2025 (from its 2019 baseline) two years early.

During 2023, the firm also scored high marks on the CDP Climate Change Score Report, an important industry sustainability indicator for corporations, placing CHA among the top 32% of companies in the Management level and providing evidence of its advanced environmental stewardship and actions across all sectors. Earning a B from CDP serves as a powerful affirmation that CHA is on the right path and is poised to achieve even greater sustainability milestones in the future.

CHA’s 2023 Sustainability Report brings to the forefront smart solutions for a greener future, including innovative, sustainable practices and technologies implemented on projects, efforts to create an inclusive and diverse workforce, hundreds of volunteer hours dedicated to uplifting our local communities, and thoughtful strategies aimed at further reducing the firm’s carbon footprint.

CHA’s green efforts remained centered around the four strategic pillars: Sustainable Services and Clients, Sustainable Workforce, Sustainable Communities, and Sustainable Operations.

“What I am most proud of is that CHA is in a unique position to have a real and tangible impact on creating a more sustainable world through the projects we work on and solutions we deliver for our clients – in every sector and market of our business,” said Jim Stephenson, CEO, CHA Holdings. “The successes highlighted in this report motivate us to continue this exciting and impactful progress.”

The projects in our 2023 report cross all sectors and CHA’s growing geographic footprint, illustrating how the firm is creating dynamic and comprehensive solutions for a more sustainable world. These projects address power resiliency, renewable energy sources, clean water, highly efficient facilities, urban livability, sustainable infrastructure, waterfront revitalization, brownfield redevelopment, electric fleets, efficient manufacturing, and greenway transformation.

The report also shines a spotlight on CHA’s people, who are committed to utilizing their expertise and dedicating time to sustainability efforts, and who continue to be advocates for improving our world. With a commitment to education, the environment and health and wellness, the CHA team is leaning into efforts big and small to build thriving, sustainable communities. From an operational perspective, CHA continues not only to achieve its strategic growth objectives but simultaneously make strides toward reducing its carbon footprint by addressing travel, meetings, printing, recycling, and reducing waste and single-use products – demonstrating strategic execution can go hand in hand with deliberate sustainable initiatives.

CHA actively pursues new sustainability goals for 2024 and beyond, positioning the firm for continued impact and its efforts to raise the bar in finding new solutions for its clients and communities.

Organizations seeking to jumpstart their sustainability efforts can engage our team at

CHA’s 2023 Sustainability Report is available on the CHA website.

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