Casa Sandra Helps Manage Problematic Skin

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Oct. 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Human skin is a big deal. It manages a lot of important aspects of life. For instance, skin regulates the body’s temperature, absorbs shocks, recognizes pain, helps regulate fluid balance, and much more. While skin is able to heal and regenerate, it’s also a one-time deal. Everyone gets one skin, and if they don’t care for it, it can lead to issues over time.

That’s where Casa Sandra comes into the picture. The Chicago-based cosmetic brand is owned by entrepreneur Sandra Plasencia. Plasencia has operated her own spa ever since she arrived in the U.S. from Cuba back in 2004. Over that time, the owner has cared for a large base of loyal customers who look to her for their skincare needs.

Over the years, Plasencia has found that, when it comes to skincare, there’s nothing quite as effective as being proactive. "You have only one skin," exclaims Plasencia, "Take care of it!"

This concept of caring for your God-given skin has inspired Plasencia’s business efforts over the years. It has helped the founder create a skincare philosophy based on managing what one has rather than looking for sketchy solutions that promise to "turn back the clock." "Although it is impossible to stop time," Plasencia explains, "you have the choice to age gracefully and have beautiful skin if you properly care for it."

In pursuit of this end, Plasencia has also released her own line of cosmetic products. These have been personally developed by Plasencia herself through years of caring for her customers. "In our formulas," Plasencia says, "we include the finest quality, highest-performing ingredients in the highest concentrations that yield the desired results."

The owner elaborates that Sandra Plasencia products are created using high concentrations of standardized botanical extracts. The development process utilizes the latest technologies and ingredients are backed by clinical testing. All of this works together to enhance the efficacy of Plasencia’s formulas.

Sandra Plasencia’s (both the woman and her brand) message of aging gracefully is a refreshing break from the youth-obsessed mantras of the modern era. The entrepreneur wants her customers to look every bit as beautiful as they can by preserving and enhancing the quality of their own skin. It’s a message that always has and likely will continue to resonate with Plasencia’s growing national audience.

About Casa Sandra: Sandra Plasencia founded her Chicago salon Havana Nights Nails & Spa in April of 2004. In 2020, she rebranded her company to Casa Sandra. The rebranding also coincided with the launching of the owner’s eponymous cosmetics label Sandra Plasencia. Both enterprises focus on helping women care for their skin, preserve their natural beauty, and always look their best. You can learn more about Sandra Plasencia’s products on her website,

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