Carm Capriotto Champions Visionary Movement at Repair Shop Growth Systems LIVE 2024

Capriotto will share ‘The Rise of the Mechanical and Technology Specialist,’ a movement, a vision, and an intention to advance professionalism and innovation in order to attract, develop, and retain top automotive talent.

OCEANSIDE, Calif., May 7, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Technician Find proudly announces that industry influencer Carm Capriotto, AAP, will be speaking at Repair Shop Growth Systems LIVE 2024, scheduled for May 31 – June 2 in Mt. Arlington, NJ. Known as the “Voice of the Aftermarket,” Capriotto will deliver a pivotal session titled “The Rise of the Mechanical and Technology Specialist,” aimed at revolutionizing how auto repair professionals are perceived and operate within the industry.

Carm Capriotto, a respected connector of aftermarket professionals and host of the acclaimed Remarkable Results Radio Podcast, brings his extensive experience and a unique narrative to the forefront of the workshop. His talk will address the urgent need for a paradigm shift in role definitions within the automotive service sector—proposing a shift from traditional titles like ‘mechanic’ to more descriptive and prestigious titles such as ‘Mechanical Specialist’ and ‘Technology Specialist.’

“This is more than a change of terminology; it’s about reshaping our professional identity and how we communicate our expertise to the world,” Capriotto explains. “I’ve written, outlined, and created what I believe is an intellectual transformation for our auto repair service industry. Your help is necessary to solidify this new vision, movement, and intention in your organization, as well as to your shop owner peers through your network and groups.”

Attendees of Capriotto’s session can expect to leave with actionable strategies that redefine the automotive service roles to attract and retain top talent while enhancing their professional image to customers. Drawing parallels with respected professions such as chefs, Capriotto’s approach underscores the importance of title and role clarity in fostering a culture of professionalism and respect within shops.

Technician Find, co-sponsor of Repair Shop Growth Systems LIVE 2024, continues to lead the way in addressing the auto repair industry’s most pressing hiring challenges. Founded by Christopher T. Lawson in 2018, Technician Find specializes in connecting repair shops with top-tier automotive talent through innovative sourcing solutions. Learn more at Technician Find.

Repair Shop Growth Systems LIVE is a 3-day event for automotive repair shop owners to help them attract, develop, and retain top talent. For more information, view Carm Capriotto’s CarmCast Podcast on YouTube: Attract, Develop, and Retain Top Automotive Talent [CC 113].

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