Brompton Bicycle Sees Dramatic Growth in US Market Amid Omnichannel Strategy

NEW YORK, Sept. 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Brompton, the London-based manufacturer of the iconic Brompton folding bike, is expanding its footprint within North America including the hire of Juliet Scott-Croxford, President, North America. Fueled by incredible demand across its New York City store and regional retailers including REI as well as the launch of an e-commerce storefront, the bike manufacturer has experienced a greater than 50 percent increase in total units sold in the US over the past 12 months, a 76 percent increase over 2019. The manufacturer now sells over 70,000 bikes globally each year.

US Consumer demand for Brompton bikes has been increasing exponentially over the past two years and there’s no sign of stopping. Year-over-year sales grew 44% for April through August 2021, having already grown 41% for the same time period in 2020, proving the "bike boom" impact of Covid-19 to be a durable trend. Inventory in the US has yet to recover since selling out in June 2020, even as twice-monthly product imports are up more than 50 percent year-over-year.

While demand intensifies through its online, owned retail, and distribution channels, Brompton plans to launch its second US flagship store in San Francisco later this year, with two additional brand store openings scheduled for 2022.

Brompton Welcomes Juliet Scott-Croxford to Lead North American Growth and Strategy
In order to help drive the company during this period of rapid growth, in her new role as President of North America, Scott-Croxford will focus on building a team and company culture that supports Brompton’s purpose of "Urban Freedom for Happier Lives" and sustainable movement in cities. Brompton is dedicated to capturing the 98% of non-cyclists and giving them a tool to explore their city and move freely.

"Brompton is a powerful brand, engaged community and extraordinary product that touches the hearts and minds of its riders and one that I have experienced personally. I could not be more excited to be a part of this team and its next phase of growth," said Juliet Scott-Croxford, President, North America. "As cities rethink the role they play for urbanites, making cycling safer and more accessible for all has never been more important. Brompton can, and will, play a key role in that."

Looking ahead, Brompton has big plans for the future, including investing heavily across the entire business, particularly increasing its production capability, new product development, shifting to an omnichannel distribution platform, and improving the customer experience.

Prior to joining Brompton, Scott-Croxford was Chief Executive Officer at Worth, responsible for leading its brand reinvention and digital transformation from a print magazine to multi-channel platform. Previously, she was the Chief Delivery Officer at The Guardian News & Media where she led the strategic implementation of the global three-year turnaround plan and subsequent evolution for the Guardian’s US operation.

"The USA is a top strategic growth market for Brompton, and if we get it right, there is no reason it cannot be bigger for us commercially than the UK currently is within 5 years," said Stephen Loftus, Chief Commercial Officer at Brompton. "Our customer base is fiercely passionate about the brand, but the biggest challenge we currently face is that not enough people know about Brompton, and how our products can transform your life in a city."

"This is the main reason why we are so excited to have Juliet joining the team. In particular she brings a deep experience in both digital marketing and brand community building across the USA’s leading cities, and has already shown a clear vision for where she sees the future for Brompton in the US market."

Will Butler-Adams, CEO at Brompton adds, "Juliet joins us at a time when demand for bikes is on the rise. As we recover from the pandemic, one positive light has been that millions of people across North America have had the opportunity to see what urban living can be like with safe streets, clean air and a true sense of community, and people don’t want to go back.

"Since 1975 Brompton has been obsessed with delivering a useful, efficient urban transport tool. We have 45 years of experience and over 800,000 customers riding our bikes across the world. We want to bring that insight to support the redefinition of urban living in the USA.

"We are investing for growth in our production capability, new product development, outstanding customer experience and in inspiring the next generation to get on their bike! Juliet is a leader and communicator and is the perfect person to drive a movement for change across the USA, as we continue to expand our global footprint."

About Brompton Bicycle:

Made for cities, Brompton bikes are sold in 47 countries around the world and over 70% of production is exported. The company produces over 70,000 bikes a year and over 500,000 have hit the streets since the first bike was made in 1975 by inventor Andrew Ritchie.

A Brompton bike is perfect for those that live, work or play in cities: The bike folds up to a third of its size, and weighs on average just 24 lbs for the standard model and from 30 lbs for the Brompton Electric, which means a Brompton is suitable to take on all forms of transport – perfect for commuting on trains, storing in the trunk of your car and taking out of the city for some fresh air, hailing a taxi when the weather changes or you need to get home late at night.

It takes 6.8 tons less carbon to make a Brompton than to make a car and 42 folded Brompton bikes can be parked in the space it takes to park one car.

Brompton products are available to purchase shipped to your home at, or from over 1,500 accredited retailers worldwide and 15 flagship Brompton Junction stores in London, New York, Singapore, Paris, Amsterdam, Shanghai, Beijing, Tokyo, Kobe, Milan, Hamburg, Munich, Valencia, Melbourne and Tel Aviv.

In the United States you can find a store to test ride a Brompton by visiting:

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