Brewing and Distilling Center Knoxville Opens Up Fall Course with August Sign- Up, Veterans Qualify for Educational Benefits

KNOXVILLE, Tenn., July 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The Brewing and Distilling Center (BDC), based in Knoxville, TN, is a trade school geared towards the student wanting professional training in beer brewing and spirits distillation that will help them get a job in the industry. The center is led by President, Dr. Todd White. The BDC is offering a new session of the Professional Brewing & Distilling Technology course, this fall starting August 16, 2021. Registration deadline is August 9th. The class qualifies for Veterans Affairs Educational Benefits – giving former service members the ability to increase their secondary education in brewing beer and distilling spirits.

"This course is great for students that want a deep dive into the theoretical and practical foundation of brewing beer and distilling taught by professionals in the industry. It’s also a great class for anyone who wants to work with beer distributors, become product reps, manage taprooms and start companies providing products in brewing," says Dr. White. "Our graduates get jobs and we help many get their own breweries started right out of the gate!"

Lectures happen on site for students who can travel to the BDC and online for others who cannot, making classes available to anyone anywhere in the country. Each student also participates in 4 practical brewing days on a professional pilot system in the BDC Brew House onsite either throughout the session or in a concentrated week for online participants.

"The possibilities for students after this course are endless. Having a solid understanding of these two industries serves a wide variety of career choices whether for employment, professional enrichment or for the entrepreneur," explains Dr. White. "We regularly work with our industry contacts to help connect our students with job openings in the industry. There is and will be an ever present and growing demand for qualified professionals for these industries."

The class also accepts and works with many former service members to qualify for Veterans Affairs Educational Benefits and takes pride in helping place many veterans in job positions after graduation.

"Obviously, we support our veterans because of their sacrifice to our great country. We want to assist these men and women who want to enter the brewing and distilling industry job market," says Dr. White. "We have many veteran graduates that are gainfully employed in the brewing and distilling industries. From our past experience, our veteran students are extremely disciplined, dedicated and passionate about learning the industry trade and entering the job market or even starting their own brewery or distillery."

With a scientific and entrepreneurial background as veterinarian, an architect, a collegiate science instructor and a craft beer shop owner, "Doc" considered the rapidly-expanding US craft beer market and wondered "Where are these new breweries getting qualified, trained brewers?" After market research, he discovered a demand for affordable professional brewing and distilling instruction. In 2013, the Brewing & Distilling Center was established to meet this demand.

Fall Course
13 weeks | 12 hours/week
Classes: Monday – Wednesday, starting 5:30 PM EST
On Site Brew Days: 4.

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