Boost Sales & CSI with New SafePoint™ Dealer Inventory & Customer Retention Platform

CYPRESS, Texas, April 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Omega Auto Tech has announced the launch of SafePoint™, the industry’s newest Asset Management/Customer Retention platform that combines the most desired GPS data analytics with state-of-the-art alerts and notifications to take dealership vehicle security, inventory management and customer retention to new levels.

Using advanced connected car technology and data management, SafePoint combines real-time vehicle tracking, theft protection, vehicle health scans and “smart” alerts to keep dealers informed regarding location, performance and health conditions of vehicles. With SafePoint, dealers can:

  • Have Real-Time Inventory Tracking & Theft Protection. Dealers can monitor and secure their inventory, instantly locate specific vehicles for customers, audits or service, and assist in stolen vehicle recovery. They can establish a virtual perimeter with geofencing, generate a location history and track mileage (a must-have for loaner programs, service vehicles and test drives).
  • Receive Smart Alerts. Eliminate common lot management issues such as dead batteries and low fuel problems, and quickly identify vehicles speeding or taken off-lot using data delivered via smartphone, tablet or desktop.
  • Improve Customer Experience & Loyalty/Retention. With its high penetration rate and customer satisfaction, SafePoint can boost CSI scores and help connect with customers long after the sale.
  • Increases the Bottom Line. SafePoint integrates with DMS Menus and generates additional F&I revenue when sold through to the customer. SafePoint provides a VIP ownership experience to customers allowing them to work together with dealers to manage the health of their vehicle and minimize costly repairs by handling service and maintenance at the right time. In addition, dealers can send customized retention offers to customers when they are due for routine maintenance or require a specific service and customers can conveniently schedule service appointments directly through the app.

And Dealers love it – for both performance and profitability.

“SafePoint has become our #1 vendor program, generating over $5 million in gross profit in year one,” says Joseph Pierce, General Manager at Beck & Masten GMC in Houston, Texas. “This is one of the few programs to delivered everything as promised.”

According to Arnold Gacita, president of Omega Auto Tech, the company isn’t standing on their laurels. “We’re revolutionizing GPS systems. It’s not just GPS, it’s asset management for both dealers and customers. Our promise: we will continue to invest and innovate SafePoint so it remains the leader in dealer asset management and customer retention platforms.”

For more information on SafePoint, visit Or call 1-833-SAFEPOINT.

About Omega Auto Tech
Omega Auto Tech, an automotive technology company, is headquartered in Cypress, TX, just outside of Houston. The company’s mission is to provide automotive dealers with technology solutions that improve efficiencies, increase the bottom line and improve customer engagement and retention. Since its inception, OAT has sought to build product strength and value through the offering of innovative products and programs. To learn more about SafePoint™, visit or call 1-833-SAFEPOINT.

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