Body + Soul, a Vegan, Cruelty-Free and Holistic Self-care Brand Has Launched Its Latest Family-Friendly Product, Oki Doki Fast Healing Cream

Body + Soul is offering a limited-time-only special launch price of $29 of Oki Doki Healing Cream here.

FREMONT, Calif., July 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Body + Soul, a woman-founded company guided by the belief that self-care is the foundation of wellness, has officially announced the launch of its latest plant-powered body care product,  Oki Doki Fast Healing Cream: Made For Kids, Great For Everyone. Oki Doki features a lineup of plant extracts working in synergy to blend the two elements necessary for overcoming injuries: cooling to reduce inflammation and pain and warming to increase fresh blood flow, stimulating the body’s natural ability to heal.

“I was a kid who got injured a lot while playing sports and now as a mother and basketball coach, I saw the need for something made for kids that can effectively help them when they get hurt,” said Julia Shih, founder of Body + Soul. “Oki Doki is like a Swiss army knife for injuries—a gentle yet effective cream that can be massaged into whatever hurts. Unlike many over-the-counter topicals that feature active chemicals not appropriate for children or absurd amounts of menthol that only temporarily mask pain, Oki Doki uses all-natural ingredients to soothe and support our body’s inherent ability to repair.”

The Oki Doki formula is a non-CBD spinoff of the company’s bestselling sensation Miracle Sports Cream, a plant-powered pre-workout and post-workout cream trusted by professional athletes, Olympians and weekend warriors to achieve breakthroughs in athletic performance and accelerate recovery.  Both products feature an entourage of over 11 herbs and botanicals, and Oki Doki specifically includes Arnica Montana, Camphor Oil, Clove Oil, Menthol (less than 3%), Tea Tree Oil, and Matcha Green Tea.

The healing cream is also formulated for cuts, scrapes and mosquito bites, to be used once the skin is no longer broken. Featuring increased amounts of Arnica Montana, a powerful natural anti-inflammatory, to replace CBD, Oki Doki is a great pain relief alternative not only for kids but also for active military prohibited from using CBD and those living in areas where CBD products are restricted.

The Oki Doki Fast Healing Cream retails at $35 at For a limited time, Oki Doki is available for a special launch price of $29 until July 31. Wholesale bulk pricing is available for retailers or wellness service providers such as chiropractors, physical therapists, massage therapists and gym owners interested in offering Oki Doki to their clientele. You can purchase Oki Doki Fast Healing Cream at

About Body + Soul
Body + Soul is a women-founded company guided by the belief that self-care is the foundation of wellness. The distinctive brand was created by Julia Shih after realizing the importance of approaching self-care as a daily maintenance practice. Julia struggled through multiple surgeries after being an athlete all of her life. She sought out more holistic ways of healing and years of research into herbs and formulation later, she founded Body + Soul, with the goal of promoting long-term healing, instead of masking pain, with products ranging from Miracle Sports Cream, Oki Doki Cream for Kids, Bath Teas, and Skincare. All of the body care products are vegan and chemical-free, formulated with the highest quality botanical extracts, therapeutic grade essential oils, and a touch of love. All products are holistically designed to have both topical and aromatherapy benefits, to rejuvenate your body and lift your spirits. Everything is made fresh in small batches at a GMP-compliant facility located in beautiful Northern California.

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