Author Offers Advice for Dealing with Sensitive People Who Are Overwhelmed, Anxious or Depressed

Alicia McBride, an expert on empaths like herself, has written the international best-seller I Feel Too Much

READING, Pa., May 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Is there someone in your life that cries at the drop of a hat? Is overwhelmed, anxious or depressed? Are you tired of not knowing what to do for them? Alicia McBride, author of two books on empaths people who pick up the energy and feelings of others says such people are often poorly understood by themselves and others. As she will explain, if an empath encounters someone who is sad they will become sad; if it is someone who is in pain, they will be in pain too.

In an interview, McBride can share guidance from her book, I Feel Too Much (As You Wish Publishing), which can be life-changing for empaths and those who love them. She can answer such questions as:

  • How can you be sure you are dealing with an empath? What are the hallmarks?
  • What are the steps empaths can use to protect themselves from harboring other people’s negative energies?
  • What are the gifts empaths bring that make people flock to them?
  • What alternative healing therapies may be useful?
  • How did she discover that she was an empath and what was her life like before she realized what was going on?

About the Author

Alicia McBride is a leading voice for empaths. She is the internationally best-selling author of I Feel Too Much: A How-to Guide for the Beginner Empath and The Empath Effect. She has also written the children’s book I Love You When. An empath and healer, she holds a B.A. in psychology and is a Reiki master and a certified yoga instructor.

Contact: Alicia McBride at (484) 369-1464;

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