Aquaverve to Supply Touchless Water Coolers for NCAA “March Madness” Basketball Tournament

WEST CREEK, N.J., Feb. 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Aquaverve, a leading water cooler supplier in North America, has partnered with the Indianapolis Convention Center to provide touchless water coolers on site for the popular NCAA “March Madness” Tournament taking place at the end of basketball season.

“At Aquaverve, we adapted our production to meet consumer needs amid the pandemic providing a product that helps promote a safer environment for our customers,” said Aquaverve President Mike Goldman. “A year ago, everyone was unsure if college sports could be played due to the pandemic. Now our touchless coolers are helping stop the spread and make highly trafficked events, like the NCAA tournament, possible for everyone involved.”

Founded to offer the highest quality water coolers and water dispensers for gyms, schools, businesses and homes, Aquaverve’s touchless water coolers will provide necessary hydration while addressing the need to promote safer environments for athletes, coaches, event staff, and visitors amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

Designed to improve health and sanitation, the new touchless water coolers feature a foot pedal activation that allows users to dispense water into glasses or bottles with zero contact. In a pandemic where germs and risk of contamination are top of mind, this is a product that tournament participants don’t have to touch.

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