American Premiere League Unveils Plans for a Historic Cricket Tournament in New York/New Jersey

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y., April 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — American Premiere League (APL – recently announced the formation of seven cricket teams: Americans, Indians, Windees, English, Aussees, Paks and Bengalees. APL is rolling out the league in three separate phases. APL is currently seeking team investors to register for auctions with the base price starting at $250k, and it has already been endorsed by legendary cricket players from across the globe.

“A lot of leagues are being organized all over United States, but the idea of teams named after states or cities has been tried multiple times and it has failed miserably. This idea will never fly in North America. When it comes to cricket, we can all witness absolute empty stands from Canada all the way to Florida,” said APL Founder and CEO, Jay Mir. “The reason cricket matches have such empty stands in U.S. and Canada has to do with a fundamental flaw in their business model. We’ve changed that model to reflect what fans actually want. And it starts with exciting teams, with names and matches that can generate huge media and sponsorship interest, like ‘Indians vs Paks,’ or ‘Aussees vs English.'” 

American Premier League: Three-Phase Roll Out 

Investor packages contain specific details, but broadly speaking, the planned roll out includes:

  • Phase One: Auctioning off the seven, community named and outfitted teams. Signing up international players, conducting nationwide trials to recruit local talent.
  • Phase Two: Extreme targeted marketing and selling tickets through advertising in local community-based newspapers, TV channels, news media and social media blitz.
  • Phase Three: Conducting of historic cricket tournament with full media support and coverage.

“One can only imagine the power behind an Indians vs Paks or Aussies vs English match in a packed New York/ New Jersey stadium for the first time, which can become a yearly phenomenon for the southeast Asian, Caribbean, Australian and the English expat communities like the Super Bowl. The most important part of any sports league is the pride, excitement and energy generated by the fan base,” Mir said. “Our teams bring that to the field, rallying their fan bases around respective communities to bring the passion and loyalty that sells tickets and fills stands.

“The teams are up for sale now, starting at $250,000 USD. We know that’s a great opportunity for sports investors. We have made it easy so that regular hard-working Americans also have a chance to buy these teams. This is going to be a game changer. American Premiere League is destined to become the next big sports league after NFL, NBA and MLB. The tickets are only $20 and are going live on April 15th. We are already getting huge number of calls especially for the Indians vs Paks Match and the Finals. We have already signed multiple international players and singers and performers. There is going to be cricket, entertainment and spectacular fireworks display. There is no bigger honor to play for your country and no bigger honor to own a team named after your heritage. We urge all cricket-loving and cricket-hungry fans across USA & Canada to unite behind APL and buy tickets, flood the stands and be part of this revolution, and together we can make American Premiere League successful. Now is the time to get involved. We have secured a state-of-the-art stadium with a capacity of 8,000 right in the heart of the southeast Asian and Caribbean expat community.

“We will not let decades of power grab, corruption and election-rigging stand in the way of millions of cricket-hungry fans across this country any longer. We represent diversity and inclusiveness which is what America stands for. We not only have Indians on our team but also have Caribbean, English, Australian, Bengladeshi, Pakistani and Middle Eastern investors onboard. We are locked, loaded and ready to go this fall to show the power of cricket and diversity to this beautiful country.”

Gill Addeo, General Manager of Jersey Jackals (Yogi Berra Stadium) added:

“We at the Jackals’ organization are very excited to be working with Jay and the rest of the American Premiere League, hosting the historic cricket tournament at Yogi Berra Stadium. Our staff at the state fair group and the New Jersey Jackals couldn’t be happier that we will be the home for this historic tournament. We are confident that we will provide great entertainment for the fans while following all proper COVID-19 protocols. We are in the event management business hosting 48 professional baseball games, youth level tournaments, games and showcases along with year-round events, concerts and fantastic fireworks displays. We are very excited to add this historic event to our calendar.”

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