Amarea Puts the Sea in Snacks

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., June 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Health food company Amarea is proudly offering the international health food community, in the words of the brand, "another way to seafood." The Chilean company creates snacks that don’t just use seaweed, but algae that is specifically native to the Chilean coast. This has allowed the brand to create a product that is simultaneously healthy, nutritious, sustainable, and all-around delicious.

The team behind Amarea has long seen the potential value in the native seaweed that grows along Chile’s extensive 4,000 miles of coastline. They recognized the fact that utilizing seaweed in a product line would tap into a sustainable resource that didn’t require the application of water, soil, or fertilizer to create. The abundant, pre-existing wild crops of seaweed could be harvested and turned into an appealing snack with healthy benefits.

Chile already boasts a robust community of seaweed collectors, which also spurred on Amarea’s ambitions. The organization realized that by creating a market for the healthy indigenous resource, they could not only provide a stellar product to consumers but could also elevate the quality of life of their local seaweed artisans.

The results of Amarea’s efforts can be seen in its line of seaweed snacks. The selection includes seaweed sticks and seaweed chips, both of which come in a tasteful selection of olive oil, sesame, and spicy flavors.

Each product has an impressive maximum of three ingredients, one of which is always endemic algae exclusively harvested off of the coasts of Chile.

Amarea has recently expanded into the U.S. market with the dual purpose of bolstering its local South American communities and catering to the needs of health-conscious consumers across the globe. The brand’s natural, innovative, sustainable products present a promising prospect for retailers in a market that boasts endless growth in the health and wellness — and particularly the health food — sector.

About Amarea: Amarea is a Chilean company with a specific focus on seaweed-based foods. The health food brand was launched in 2019 and has spent the intervening years striving to improve the lives of its local artisanal community of seaweed collectors. Amarea’s primary message is to "change the way we view food, through the power of algae and its people."

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