Alpen Announces AlpenGlass

New triple and quad-pane thin-glass units boost window performance without requiring expensive design or manufacturing changes

LOUISVILLE, Colo., May 7, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Alpen High Performance Products (Alpen), the leading American manufacturer of advanced window, door, and insulated glass technologies, today announced the availability of its newest product line, AlpenGlass insulated thin-glass units (IGUs). AlpenGlass incorporates custom thin glass (0.5-1.1mm) configurations to boost window insulation, comfort, and noise attenuation without impacting the weight, thickness, or design of existing window lines.

Alpen has deployed millions of square feet of thin-glass units to all 50 states across the last 5-plus years, but the launch of AlpenGlass marks the first time that the units will be available for incorporation into 3rd-party residential and commercial architectural glass applications.

“Alpen has been a pioneer in thin glass windows since we started working with the Department of Energy and National Labs in 2018,” said Alpen CEO Andrew Zech. “AlpenGlass affordably transforms windows with glass pockets as narrow as ¾” into high-performance triple and quad pane units ready to meet even the most stringent code or Energy Star requirements. We’ve perfected our manufacturing and deployment across hundreds of projects and millions of square feet of IGUs. Now we’re ready to share that experience with the broader commercial and residential markets.”

AlpenGlass offers thermal insulation levels up to R15 for a fraction of the price of vacuum insulated glass (VIG). Units incorporate advanced condensation control, acoustic performance and UV protection as well as wide optionality for safety, impact, and bird-safe glazing. AlpenGlass product lines also include industry-leading low embodied carbon levels. In an effort to meet the growing demand for IGUs, Alpen has entered into a partnership with longtime collaborator Kensington HPP to supply east coast demand from facilities outside Pittsburgh, PA. The partnership allows Alpen to immediately scale production and efficiently serve markets from coast to coast.

“Buildings – and specifically their windows – are a significant source of energy waste. We can reduce building energy usage by 20 to 30-percent using existing technology. This isn’t science fiction. It’s here and cost-competitive today.” said Zech. “Alpen’s window and door designs are fantastic, but they cannot meet all needs. AlpenGlass allows us to collaborate with other window companies, glaziers, architects, and builders to expand our impact. It lifts all boats.” 

Alpen designs and builds all of its products in the USA. For more information about AlpenGlass, please click here.

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For over forty years, Alpen High Performance Products (Alpen) has pursued a quest to transform the built environment by designing North America’s most energy efficient windows, doors and architectural glass. We specialize in leveraging advanced materials and innovative design to ensure exceptional performance for both commercial and residential applications. Our products rank among the highest performing and most durable solutions in North America and beyond. Please visit Alpen’s website to learn more.

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